About Us

Who We Are

ThisPetThatPet.com is made up of a few loving, caring, and committed animal enthusiasts.

We understand how important your pet is to you. The people that work and contribute to thispetthatpet.com are all pet parents just like you.

We’re the type of people that only vacation at places that are pet friendly because when we go on vacation our pets go with us.

This might sound strange to some people but for us, leaving a family member at home while we go on vacation just seems … rude.

Besides, why wouldn’t we want our best friends with us on vacation, 🙂

Fred Grantham is one of the founders and our content editor for the articles that are published here on the thispetthatpet.com website. When he’s not fact checking or hitting the “publish” button here on our website, he can be found spending time with his fur babies Zoey and Tilly.

Zoey is a 5 year old Boxer Beagle mix, also referred to as a “Bogle”. Tilly is a 2 yer old Covid kitten that was rescued during the early days of the pandemic during the lockdown.

Our Mission

To continue to grow as a trustworthy resource while providing information that improves the quality of your pet’s life as well as yours.

From the simply inquisitive: Do dogs have lips?

To the potentially life saving: Which bones are dangerous for dogs?

Here at ThisPetThatPet.com, we don’t see a difference between becoming a better pet parent and becoming a better person.

Our Goals

  • To be a company you can count on and trust when it comes to the welfare and happiness of your pets
  • Provide accurate and detailed resources for you and your pets that’s enjoyable to read
  • To be a resource for both, pet owners as well as people looking to become pet owners
  • Help guide you to quality pet products that we would use with our own pets
  • To continue to grow by listening to our readers suggestions