Do Teacup Dogs Stay Small?

If you’re anything like me you daydream of a dog that will stay puppy-like or at least puppy-sized forever. If you’ve wanted to know which teacup dogs remain small their entire life, look no further. This article has a list that includes some of the cutest teacup breeds dogs that will stay small.

Teacup dogs can grow to about 17 inches when fully mature, which isn’t exactly pocket-sized anymore. Plenty of dog breeds that start small remain small, including the Japanese Chin, Italian Greyhound, Dachshund, and Chihuahua.

First, I’ll present the facts about whether teacup dogs ever grow out of their puppy phase. If you want some dogs that stay small for life, I’ll recommend them to you as well, so make sure you keep reading! 

How Big Will My Teacup Dog Get?

The appeal of teacup dogs is how adorably, impossibly tiny they are. 

If yours is a teacup Chihuahua, then the dog isn’t even five inches tall and barely weighs six pounds. That’s very small!

It doesn’t last though. Many teacup dogs mature, and as they do, they grow in both height and weight. 

Suddenly, the teeny-tiny four-legged friend who could fit in your pocket (or perhaps even a literal teacup) is too big for any of that.

If you had it in your head that a teacup dog would stay super small for life, you can end up very disappointed. 

Admittedly, a grown teacup dog is still not large by many people’s standards. As I said in the intro, teacup dogs will grow 17 inches tall at most. 

That’s still quite a growth spurt from a teacup dog’s original size though! 

20 Tiny Dogs That Stay Small Forever

Did reading the last section bum you out because teacup dogs can grow so big? Well, how about a dog that stays the same adorable size throughout its entire life?

The following breeds aren’t exactly teacup-sized, but they’re small, and they will always be small. No crazy growth spurts here!

1. Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier or Yorkie for short is considered one of the smallest dog breeds period. 

This English dog with long, gorgeous, flowing locks grows eight to nine inches tall. Yorkies never weigh more than seven pounds. 

You don’t necessarily have to allow your Yorkie’s hair to flow freely, as that will require daily grooming. A puppy cut is a cute look on the Yorkie as well. 

Besides being so exceptionally small, Yorkies are known for shedding very little.

2. Chihuahua

The teacup Chihuahua aside, regular-sized Chihuahuas never grow excessively large either. 

Weighing between two and nine pounds and growing nine inches tall at most, Chis are handheld friends until the end.

Often spirited and spunky, the small dog breed from Mexico can have a shy side depending on the pup. 

This is a highly-recommended companion for first-time dog owners, as Chis aren’t too challenging to care for.

They’re incredibly loving and loyal and can become your little shadow! 

3. Toy Poodle

Poodles come in an assortment of sizes, but the one you’ll most be interested in is the Toy Poodle.

This French dog has a refined look thanks to its body shape and its curly coat. 

Those tightly-wound curls keep the Toy Poodle incredibly low-shedding. The curls catch the dead hair so it doesn’t fall out.

But what about the Toy Poodle’s size, you ask?

Toy poodles won’t grow taller than 10 inches or weigh more than 10 pounds. Toy Poodles are somewhat bigger dogs but still very much classified as small canines!

4. Maltese

The dwarf dog from Malta that’s known as the Maltese can make almost anyone fall in love. There’s so much to adore about this breed, from the luxurious white fur to those big puppy eyes.

The Maltese also doesn’t grow large, about nine or 10 inches tall at the biggest. The dog weighs between 6.6 and 8.8 pounds on average.

Just as the Yorkie can have a long, flowing coat or a shorter one, you have those options with the Maltese as well. Both coat styles produce drastically different but equally charming results.

Oh, and the Maltese is regarded as one of the lowest-shedding breeds as well, FYI!

5. Toy Fox Terrier

The Toy Fox Terrier is a descendant of the Smooth Fox Terrier but a much smaller dog than that breed. 

Toy Fox Terriers don’t exceed 12 inches tall and won’t weigh more than 10 pounds. 

Known for those oversized bat ears, the Toy Fox Terrier has a smooth, short coat and a big brain.

Besides its undeniable intelligence, the Toy Fox Terrier is also very protective, loyal, and loving. This breed makes for an excellent household companion! 

6. French Bulldog

Frenchies have taken the world by storm, and for very good reason.

Like most Bulldogs, the French Bulldog never grows that large. Its max size is 12 inches tall, but this dog can be a little heavier than most, clocking in at 16 to 28 pounds.

This dog also possesses bat ears that are way too big for its head. The large jowls and wrinkles are somehow endearing as well.

The too-cute Frenchie is alert, playful, moderately athletic, sociable, and about to become your new favorite snuggle buddy. 

7. Shih-Tzu

How about some royalty as your next pet? 

The Chinese breed the Shih-Tzu is a small dog that reaches heights of eight to 11 inches tops. The dog weighs nine to 16 pounds on average. 

As has been the case with several other dogs on this list, Shih-Tzus are capable of growing extremely long hair that most dog owners hold back with bows or clips. 

A puppy cut will keep your Shih-Tzu looking young no matter its age, so it’s something to consider. 

This is another small dog breed beloved for its exceptionally low rate of shedding.

8. Pomeranian

The fluffy, spirited Pomeranian descends from bigger Spitz dogs but is fortunately very much handheld. 

A lightweight, Pomeranians weigh between three and seven pounds. They grow 11 inches tall at their biggest, which is quite a manageable size. 

A lightweight, Pomeranians weigh between three and seven pounds. They grow 11 inches tall at their biggest, which is quite a manageable size. 

Like many small dogs, Poms have a big personality. They’re quite brave despite that there’s not a lot to them, and they can be feisty, curious, and energetic. 

They also love being doted on, so give yours plenty of attention.

9. Russian Toy Terrier

The Russian Toy Terrier has quite a unique look. While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it is decidedly small and thus earned a spot on this list. 

This dog breed only reaches heights of 11 inches and weighs no more than 6.5 pounds!

Some Russian Toy Terriers have a longer coat and others a smooth coat. The smooth-coated version is the more standard variation with very short, fine fur.

The longer-coated Russian Toy Terrier is like a cross between a Chinese Crested Dog and a Papillon. 

10. Pug

If a Frenchie caught your eye, the Pug is not all that far off in the looks department. This dog too has large eyes, wrinkles, and an adorably sweet face.

The Pug will be right up your alley in the size department as well.

On average, pugs grow 10 to 11 inches tall and weigh 14 to 18 pounds. 

You can still carry your dog around the house, but he’ll be a little heavier than most small dogs.

Pugs are known to be charming, playful, clever, mischievous, sociable, and very loving. 

11. Rat Terrier

Another great Terrier breed if you want a small dog for life is the Rat Terrier.

Don’t worry, this dog is named after its ability to hunt vermin and not because it looks anything like a rat. 

If anything, its appearance is reminiscent of the Toy Fox Terrier, just with smaller ears. 

The Miniature Rat Terrier grows 10 to 13 inches tall. You can even adopt a standard-sized Rat Terrier, as that dog is between 13 and 18 inches tall. 

Rat Terriers are beloved for how smart and loyal they are.  

12. Italian Greyhound

I’m sure you’re wondering what a Greyhound is doing on this list, but the Italian Greyhound or Iggy fits the bill, trust me.

This long, streamlined, athletic dog doesn’t exceed 15 inches tall. Iggies also stay lightweight at seven to 14 pounds.

Although they will need a large, fenced-in yard to play, Iggies aren’t all about running, running, running. This breed can also be your best cuddle buddy, relaxing with you on the couch or in bed after a long day. 

13. Pekingese 

The Pekingese sort of resembles a little ball of fluff, but there is a dog under there, I promise. 

This Chinese canine is royalty just like the Shih-Tzu, so make sure you treat it as such! 

Your Pekingese will never exceed nine inches tall, and the heaviest this breed gets is 14 pounds. You can easily carry your lovely pup with you everywhere. 

Although the Pekingese can be a little stubborn, this breed is generally good-natured, affectionate, and very smart. 

14. Papillon

Hailing from France, the Papillon is named after its butterfly ears, which give this dog quite a special look. 

The word Papillon literally means butterfly in French, so the name is quite fitting! 

Papillons are moderately small, reaching heights of eight to 11 inches tall. Your dog will stay a lightweight for life, weighing between four and nine pounds. 

The Papillon is regarded as a happy dog with a lot of energy, alertness, and friendliness to go around. You’ll love how intelligent this dog is too; have fun training yours! 

15. Japanese Chin 

Okay, so admittedly, the Japanese Chin might not be for everybody. It has quite a tiny little face that some might find off-putting. 

If you’re willing to give this dog a chance though, you will not be disappointed. 

Japanese Chins grow eight to 11 inches tall, so they meet your criteria for a pup that stays small for life. 

They weigh about seven to nine pounds, but some can weigh up to 15 pounds.

The stately Japanese Chin is moderately independent, wicked smart, and sensitive. A companion animal through and through, this breed could be your new best friend! 

16. Miniature Schnauzer

The mustachioed dog known as the Schnauzer is bred in several sizes, and one of these is the Miniature Schnauzer.

A little bigger than some of the small dogs on this list, the Miniature Schnauzer grows 12 to 14 inches tall. 

The dog can weigh 12 to 20 pounds, so you won’t be able to carry yours around forever.

The Miniature Schnauzer does indeed still have its trademark mustache, worry not. This curly-coated dog also has a distinct rounded tail. 

17. Miniature Dachshund 

Although Dachshunds are small enough on their own, weighing between 16 and 32 pounds, they’re a little big for your liking.

The Miniature Dachshund is 11 pounds and grows four to seven inches tall. Much better!

Here’s another fun fact about the Miniature Dachshund. You can select from three types of coats, long-haired, wire-coated, or smooth.

The wire coat will certainly shed the least! 

18. Chinese Crested Dog

The Chinese Crested Dog is also certainly not everyone’s cup of tea but deserves the chance if you have room in your heart and home. 

This dog has very little fur, typically only around the head, its large ears, and around the feet and tail. The rest of the dog is all exposed skin.

That means your doggy care routine will be a little different, as you’ll have to apply sunscreen when your Chinese Crested goes outside as well as lotion throughout the winter.

At least the Chinese Crested never gets very large, reaching sizes of 12 inches max and weighing no more than 12 pounds. 

19. Miniature Pinscher 

The Miniature Pinscher or Min Pin is a German-bred canine that might have branched off from Italian Greyhounds and German Pinschers.

That explains the Min Pin’s size, which is 12 inches tall tops. This dog also weighs about 11 pounds on average. 

Min Pins are independent, assertive, energetic, friendly, loving, and quite clever as well. There won’t be a dull day with this dog in the house!  

20. Brussels Griffon

The Pekingese isn’t the only pup who looks like a ball of fluff. The Brussels Griffon fits that definition rather well too.

This dog has been likened to Ewoks from Star Wars. I don’t know about you, but I can certainly see the resemblance!

The Brussels Griffon stands between seven and 10 inches tall and weighs no more than 10 pounds.

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