What Are Razor Edge Pit Bulls? Everything You Need to Know

A friend told you they have a Razor Edge Pit Bull for sale, but before you adopt, you must know what you’re getting yourself into, as this isn’t your average Pit Bull. What is a Razor Edge Pit Bull, anyway?

A Razor Edge Pit Bull is a mixed breed or crossbreed with a lineage that includes Bulldogs and Mastiffs. Comparing a Razor Edge to a purebred Pit Bull, the Razor Edge has a shorter muzzle and a bigger head but the same trademark muscular body. Its personality is gentler with less game drive. 

If this is the first you’re hearing of Razor Edge Pit Bulls, allow me to explain this mixed breed in full detail ahead. You’ll learn what separates Razor Edge Pit Bulls from other Pit Bull breeds (besides the lineage differences) as well as what a Razor Edge’s diet entails, what its personality is like, how much exercise it needs, and how to train this Pit Bull crossbreed. 

What Are Razor Edge Pit Bulls?

A relatively new crossbreed or mixed breed, Razor Edge Pit Bulls were bred into existence in the 1980s. Carlos Barksdale and Dave Wilson are responsible for the mixed breed.

They wanted a Pit Bull that was adaptable and socialized, so they went to George William’s Wildside Kennel to get a Pit Bull there called Diablo.

Diablo and other Pit Bulls used for Razor Edge Pits bred with English Bulldogs and Mastiffs. If you’re not familiar with English Bulldogs, or Mastiffs, English Bulldogs are often just referred to as a “Bulldog”.

I think the easiest way to describe a bulldog to someone would be “a lot of wrinkles and a smooshed face”. Mastiffs on the other hand are tall, big dogs that may be upwards of 36 inches for males and weigh 230 pounds.

Wilson decided to continue breeding Razor Edge Pits and now he runs the appropriately-named Razor Edge Pitbull Kennels. According to Wilson, as of today, he has over seven generations of these crossbreed Pit Bulls available. Most of his Razor Edge Pit Bulls are bred with Bulldogs instead of Mastiffs. 

What Do Razor Edge Pit Bulls Look Like? 

Razor Edge Pit Bulls, being not 100 percent Pit Bull, will not look completely like your everyday AmStaff or Staffy dog. You can definitely tell a Razor Edge is a Pit Bull though.

The appearance of a Razor Edge is dependent on whether the dog is more Mastiff or Bulldog. I’ll assume, for the sake of this section, that the Razor Edge you’re looking at is a Pit Bull/Bulldog crossbreed like Dave Wilson himself does. 

In that case, you should expect a Pit Bull with a mid-sized to large head. Compared to other Pit Bull breeds, the Razor Edge has a deep, wide, broad skull. The dog’s muzzle is blocky and short. Whether its ears are pointed or cropped depends on genes and your preference for cropping dog’s ears (which you really shouldn’t do).

The Razor Edge will typically be a single color or one predominant color. That hue will dictate the dog’s nose color too.

Do Blue Nose Razor Edge Pit Bulls Exist?

Yes, but I’d say to consider them exceedingly rare, even more so than regular blue nose Pit Bulls. That would also be true of red nose Razor Edge Pit Bulls, as both dog parents need recessive genes for the red nose to show up.

More than likely, your Razor Edge will have a black or brown nose with a coat to match.

The fur texture of a Razor Edge Pit Bull is stiff and wiry yet smooth. The dog’s glossy coat is that way naturally, as the Razor Edge has a close-cropped coat.

Razor Edge Pit bulls & Shedding

If you’re wondering if Razor Edges shed, they really don’t shed much at all. Unlike other breeds that need weekly brushing to manage their shedding, that’s not the case with these pit’s. You can probably get away with brushing your dog a few times a month, possibly less. 

Razor Edge Pit bulls Physicality

Much like true Pit Bull breeds, Razor Edge Pit Bulls have a muscular body and boast plenty of strength. Even this crossbreed’s bones are known for being strong. A Razor Edge’s chest is wider than a regular Pit Bull’s, including ribs that are very close to one another. Its shoulder blades are quite distinct as well. 

The lower half of the Razor Edge’s body slopes into a streamlined form. Its hind legs and rear aren’t quite as lengthy compared to pure Pit Bull breeds. The tail is mid-length and broader at the base while tapering to a thinner end much like an AmStaff. 

What Is the Razor Edge Pit Bull’s Temperament? Are They More Aggressive?

Pit Bulls tend to get a bad rap as being aggressive dogs, even though you know through this blog that they can be anything but. Long, long ago, Pit Bulls were nanny dogs that looked over the kids, often unsupervised!

Okay, but a Razor Edge Pit Bull is not a purebred Pit. Had the original founders of Razor Edges wanted to breed for a more aggressive dog, they could have.

Yet the Razor Edge Pit Bull, if anything, is even less likely to be aggressive than true Pit Bulls. That’s due to the inherited calmness of Razor Edges. It takes a lot to rankle them.

Beyond that, Razor Edges also have a lower game drive. Their need to hunt and chase after other animals is far less than that of purebred Pit Bulls, which also makes living with this crossbreed much more uncomplicated.

Razor Edge Pit Bulls are described as family dogs. They love making their favorite people happy, especially their owners. From training to playing and everything in between, Razor Edges live to please.

They have a good-natured personality and are quite outgoing dogs. Every day with your Razor Edge should be an adventure.

They’re also affectionate around those they love. Razor Edges don’t mind strangers as much due to their refined socialization skills. 

What Does the Razor Edge Pit Bull Eat?

The Razor Edge Pit Bull eats the same diet as a purebred Pit Bull, so if you already have other Pits in the house, there’s no need to change up what you’re doing for the Razor Edge. As a puppy, the dog will feed predominantly on mother’s milk for the first six or seven weeks of its life.

By 12 weeks, feed your Razor Edge puppy between four and six times per day, each serving a quarter-cup of food. Increase the serving to a half-cup periodically. Then, as an adult, it’s a cup of food three times a day.

Incorporating vegetables and fruits into a Pit Bull’s diet can nourish them with nutrients and vitamins. Do make sure you cook the veggies first though, as raw vegetables may cause stomach discomfort in the dog. 

Buy high-quality dog food for your Pit Bull purebreds and crossbreeds alike. If the dog food has grains or meat byproducts as the primary ingredients, switch to another brand of dog food. Pit Bulls are susceptible to food allergies, especially from cheap ingredients. 

How Much Exercise Does the Razor Edge Pit Bull Need Per Day?

Purebred Pit Bulls require at least 30 minutes of intense exercise daily, and that’s no different for Razor Edges. I’d recommend closer to 45 or even 60 minutes spent inside or outside working up a sweat with your dog. 

If you want to push your Razor Edge more than a regular Pit Bull, they can handle it. After all, Razor Edges have an incredibly high pain tolerance, which can be both good and bad. It’s good in that they can train and play harder or longer, but it’s bad in that it can be difficult to tell when your dog is injured.

I suggest not exercising them alone, whether that’s out in your yard or at the dog park. You need to keep an eye on your Razor Edge so if they take a hard fall or get a little too rough with another dog, you can bring your dog home and treat their injuries before they become severe. 

Are Razor Edge Pit Bulls Hard to Train?

No, but like any dog, the earlier you start your Razor Edge pit’s training regimen, the better. As dogs get older and are more set in their ways, erasing old behaviors is more difficult.

Razor Edge Pit Bulls are smart dogs, and remember, they love pleasing their owners. Those two factors mean the Razor Edge will try to complete whatever task you ask of them.

Although Razor Edge Pit Bulls might be more socialized than a traditional Pit Bull, they still need further socialization training. You’ll also want to teach them all the doggy basics like sit, shake, stay, and play dead.

However, the Bulldog side of this crossbreed is a bit slower, so your Razor Edge might need lessons repeated before they really understand what you’re trying to teach them. Be patient with your dog if they’re not getting even the basics the first or second time.

With a bit more time, they will. Reward your Razor Edge with verbal praise, physical affection, or treats, as this will certainly encourage them to continue training. 

How Much Does a Razor Edge Pit Bull Cost? 

If you’re interested in owning a Razor Edge Pit Bull, you can expect to pay between $1,500 to $3,000 and up depending on the age, along with any specific features that might increase the dogs value. I’ve heard of some breeders going as low as $1,000, but that’s rare, and honestly I’d be a little suspicious of any price significantly above or below the $1,500 to $3,000 range.

The Razor Edge is considered a specialty breed since it’s not a “true” Pit Bull. That makes the dog highly desirable and sought-after. If the breeder has a super-rare Razor Edge such as a red nose or blue nose Pit Bull, you can easily expect the above prices to double, maybe even triple.

Regardless of the price, we are talking about loving, compassionate & intelligent creatures. So, no matter what you pay, or what amount of money a person is selling an animal for, its extremely important to remember the responsibility we have as owners, and sellers.

If an animal is in your care, it should be because you can provide it a better quality of life than it had before you came into its life.

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