What Can I Feed My Pit Bull Puppy to Gain Weight?

Having an underweight Pit Bull puppy is not just problematic now, but could lead to issues for them later in life as well. The sooner you can bulk up your skinny Pit, the better, but what can you feed your dog to get them to a healthy weight?

What can I feed my Pit Bull puppy to gain weight? Here’s what to feed your Pit Bull to help them gain weight:

  • Bully Max 30/20 High-Performance Dog Food
  • PetAg Dyne High-Calorie Liquid Dog Supplement
  • Wellness CORE Grain-Free Large Breed Puppy Food
  • Muscle Bully Vita Bully Vitamins 
  • Maximum Bully Elite K9 Nutrition

Pit Bulls don’t only have to pack on the pounds, but the muscle as well. Whether your Pit Bull puppy is sick and refuses to eat, they have picky tastes, or something else is at play, these solutions will help your dog gain back the weight they need for a healthy life.

What Can I Feed My Pit Bull Puppy to Gain Weight?

Bully Max 30/20 High-Performance Dog Food

Finding dog food that’s formulated especially for Pit Bull breeds isn’t always easy, but that’s exactly what Bully Max’s 30/20 High-Performance Dog Food is. Bully Max is also the maker of Gorilla Max, a muscle-building supplement for dogs, so they’re in the market to get your Pit Bull big and beefy, but in a healthy way, of course. 

To use Bully Max, you sub it in for your Pit Bull’s regular dry dog food. The ingredients comprise 20 percent fat and 30 percent protein, with 535 calories in a cup.

Made without soy, wheat, corn, and other food allergens that can irritate Pit Bulls and other dogs alike, Bully Max one product you don’t have to stop feeding your Pit Bull breed once they’re out of puppyhood. The brand says this food is made for regular consumption at all dog life stages.

Bully Max is covered under the True Label Guarantee (as are Gorilla Max products) so you don’t have to guess which ingredients are which. Everything is clearly labeled, allowing you to make an educated decision about what you feed your dog.

One of the biggest drawbacks to Bully Max 30/20 is the high price. For 15 pounds of food, you’re paying $45. Bully Max encourages you to subscribe to their service and pay less, as then a bag of their dog food in the same quantity would cost $33.74. 

Considering that the American Kennel Club says that the cost of caring for a medium-sized dog like a Pit Bull in their first year is $2,889, buying dog food at $34 to $45 a bag might be too much for you financially.   

PetAg Dyne High-Calorie Liquid Dog Supplement

One of the most trusted solutions for canines of all ages, sizes, and breeds is PetAg Dyne. Unlike the Bully Max 30/20 food, Dyne has the advantage of being a liquid supplement.

If your Pit Bull had an especially serious illness and you’re trying to gradually nurse them back to health, a few drops of Dyne will certainly be more appealing to them than a bowl of dog kibble.

You can begin feeding your AmStaff or Staffy puppy Dyne once they’re weaned. Before administering, weigh your dog so you know their precise body weight.

Shake the bottle of Dyne and then pour our 1/4th a teaspoon for each pound your dog weighs. If you prefer that measurement in milliliters, it’s 1.25 milliliters. Feed your pup Dyne only once a day.

If your Pit Bull is an adult and they still need a caloric boost, you can increase their feedings of Dyne to twice per day.

How much you give them varies on their weight.

  • If your Pit Bull is 31 to 40 pounds, they’ll need a 1.5-fluid ounce serving, which is 3 teaspoons.
  • If they’re 41 to 50 pounds, feed your Pit Bull 2 fluid ounces or 4 teaspoons. At 51+ pounds, your Pit Bull requires 2.5 fluid ounces or 5 teaspoons. 

The formula that PetAg uses makes Dyne appropriate for senior dogs, pregnant dogs, and nursing dogs. The ingredients include vitamin B12 supplement, vitamin D3 supplement, folic acid, riboflavin supplement, niacin supplement, vitamin A supplement, vitamin E supplement, artificial vanilla flavor, propylene glycol, dried egg whites, polysorbate 80, dried skimmed milk, glycerin, water, sugar, and soybean oil. 

Compared to Bully Max 30/20, the price of Dyne is also more suitable for the Pit Bull owner who needs their puppy to eat more calories but at a lower price.

A 16-ounce bottle of Dyne starts at $16.14 and a gallon bottle retails for around $70. 

Wellness CORE Grain-Free Large Breed Puppy Food

Get your Pit Bull puppy more of the protein they need with Wellness CORE Grain-Free Large Breed Puppy Food. In one cup, your American Pit Bull Terrier will ingest 387 kilocalories of metabolizable energy. 

What is Metabolizable Energy?

It’s a type of net energy that remains even when your Pit Bull urinates and/or defecates. The energy that’s left can go towards maintaining their metabolism, thermoregulation, respiration, or locomotion.

Kilocalories and calories are not the same, by the way. A single kilocalorie equals 1,000 grams of calories. Don’t get the two confused when feeding your stubborn Pit Bull puppy or you could end up with the opposite issue where now they gain too much weight!

Wellness CORE dog food includes healthy ingredients such as taurine, probiotics, glucosamine, antioxidants, and omega fatty acids like docosahexaenoic acid or DHA. Taurine keeps your Pit Bull’s immune system, eyes, and heart strong.

The inclusion of live probiotics will help your Pit Bull’s gut so maybe they’re not as picky about what they eat in the future.

Although human glucosamine isn’t appropriate for dogs, the formulated glucosamine in Wellness CORE’s food is. Your Pit Bull puppy will have great joint mobility from an early age.

Antioxidants prevent inflammation. DHA is especially valuable for puppies, as it encourages their brain development so they can be smart-thinking dogs for life. 

The fruits and vegetables in each serving of Wellness CORE give you the option to feed your Pit Bull food that won’t trigger allergy symptoms. Those fruits and veggies include carrots for beta-carotene and fiber, spinach for lutein and more beta-carotene, blueberries with vitamins A and C, and fiber-loaded apples.  

Muscle Bully Vita Bully Vitamins 

Muscle Bully’s Vita Bully Vitamins aren’t exclusively a product for puppies, but this supplement is intended for Pit Bulls and other muscular dog breeds like them. A daily serving of this multi-vitamin has more than 34 of the minerals, vitamins, and nutrients that a healthy Pit Bull requires. These include digestive enzymes to keep your dog’s gut stable, fatty acids for coat and skin health, and antioxidants for stronger immunity.

If you’re looking to build your Pit Bull breed’s musculature, Vita Bully is again a good choice. Each supplement contains muscle-growing ingredients such as kelp, magnesium oxide, cellulose, calcium phosphate, and chicken liver hydrolysates. 

However, a young Pit Bull that wants nothing to do with their dog food might not be in the mood to take a Vita Bully supplement. Each tablet–of which you get 60 in a container–is chewable.

Depending on the size of your dog, you might have to feed them more than one supplement daily. If your Pit Bull is 20 pounds or under, then they only need a single tablet, but if they’re around 70 pounds, then they must ingest two of these tablets per day. 

Dog owners on a budget won’t mind the price of Vita Bully, as 60 tablets cost $35. You can also buy 360 tablets for $119, which is enough for almost the whole year if your Pit Bull needs only one tablet per day. 

Maximum Bully Elite K9 Nutrition

My last suggestion for what to feed your Pit Bull puppy to help them gain weight is Maximum Bully Elite K9 Nutrition. This is yet another product made for Pit Bulls from the AmStaff to the Staffy and the breeds in between.

Make sure that your Pit Bull can safely eat foods such as chicken meal, pork meal, whole barley, oatmeal, millet, spray dried egg product, and fish meal before feeding. 

Fish, rabbit, pork, soy, lamb, chicken, egg, wheat, and dairy are the most common dog allergens according to WebMD, and everything besides rabbit is in Maximum Bully. If your Pit Bull puppy passes their allergy test, monitor them while they eat over the weeks and months ahead to ensure they don’t develop allergies later. 

The minerals, vitamins, and nutrients in this weight-gain food include selenium, copper sulfate, manganous oxide, iron sulfate, zinc oxide, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 supplement, folic acid, riboflavin, calcium pantothenate, vitamin K, vitamin E supplement, vitamin D supplement, vitamin A supplement, potassium chloride, and choline chloride. 

Per cup, your Pit Bull will ingest 481 kilocalories, of which 22 percent is fat and 32 percent is protein. You don’t have to retire Maximum Bully dog food from your pup’s diet as your Pit Bull matures if they’ve taken a liking to it. Even if your dog reaches grows to more than 70 pounds in adulthood, the ingredients will still support their health. 

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