What Dog Breed Is Scooby-Doo? Doo Yoo Know

Great Dane dog standing sideways like scooby doo

Scooby-Doo is everyone’s favorite cartoon dog, but you may wonder what breed he is. Today, I’ll answer that question for you as well as much more.

What dog breed is Scooby-Doo? Scooby-Doo is a Great Dane, which you can tell by his long and thick torso and skinny legs. Although Scoobs doesn’t act like a refined Great Dane, this was by design according to creator Iwao Takamoto.

In today’s article, I’ll talk further about Scooby-Doo’s breed. Whether you’re a fan of his eponymous show or you just want to learn some fascinating trivia, this article is for you, so don’t miss it! 

What Kind of Dog Is Scooby-Doo?

Created in 1969, Scooby-Doo is an instantly recognizable cartoon canine and the star of the hit show Scooby-Doo as well as countless other cartoons, shows, and movies.

You know that Scooby is a brown, somewhat lanky dog with black spots, a black nose, a teal collar, and an affinity for Scooby Snacks. But what breed is he?

Scooby-Doo is a Great Dane! 

This article from the Chicago Tribune, published in 2007, confirms as much. It talks about the creator of Scooby-Doo, who we’ll get to a little later.

So what is a Great Dane?

Great Danes are large dogs from Germany that were originally bred in the Middle Ages to guard nobility and hunt deer and wild boar. 

This is one very large dog breed, with an average height of 33 to 35 inches. Great Danes also weigh up to 180 pounds.

Nicknamed the “Apollo of Dogs,” the Great Dane looks regal, as he has a muscular, curved frame and a powerful stature.

If you compare a Great Dane to Scooby-Doo, you’ll notice some similarities.

Scooby’s got a wider, thicker chest that tapers off and gets skinny and streamlined around his midsection. Great Danes have that same distinguishable body shape.

Scooby also has long, skinny legs, the same as which Great Danes have. 

Even the tails are similar. Some Great Danes have shorter tails, but most have longer tails that naturally curve. Scooby’s tail is almost always curved as well. 

The only thing that might confuse you is the ears. Scooby’s ears are semi-pricked whereas a Great Dane’s ears lie flat.

This could just be the artist taking some creative liberties, as Scooby fits a Great Dane’s description in about every other way! 

But Scooby-Doo Doesn’t Act Like a Great Dane – Is He Really One? 

It’s not just this dog’s different-looking ears that throw you off. It’s the personality too. 

Great Danes are reserved, regal, confident dogs and none of those traits fit the personality of Scooby-Doo, not even a little.

This was apparently done intentionally by Scooby’s creator, Iwao Takamoto.

Takamoto, who also created the beloved Hanna-Barbera character Astro, decided that rather than make Scoobs behave exactly the way a Great Dane would, he would go in the opposite direction.

His creation wasn’t dignified and royal; he was goofy and not super-bright. He spoke in his own strange language that his companion Shaggy can understand. 

Just as Scooby doesn’t look exactly the same way a Great Dane does, it seems perfectly reasonable that his personality was altered and amplified. After all, Scooby is a cartoon.

Imagine how well a show about a dignified cartoon dog would have done. 

Do you think people would remember Scooby-Doo today? More than likely, they would not. 

Takamoto undoubtedly made the right decision for his creation. 

While Takamoto died in 2007, Scooby lives on today. He’s become a pop culture icon, and he’s been introducing generations upon generations of kids to the Mystery Machine and unmasking spooky villains. 

Plus, the best part about a cartoon Great Dane like Scooby is that he lives forever. Real Great Danes, since they’re such large dogs, only live between seven and 10 years. 

We won’t ever have to say goodbye to Scooby, and that’s a great feeling! 

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