Why Does My Dog Sit on Me?

dog sitting accross a lady's lap while she's texting

After a long day, you unwind on the couch and your dog sits on you, but why? In today’s article, I’ll explore why your canine companion seems to want to sit on you, regardless of what you’re doing.

Why does my dog sit on me? A dog usually sits on its owner to show love, but your four-legged friend may also sit on you due to anxiety. Either way, your dog choosing to be so close to you is a sign that it makes them feel more comfortable.

If you still have further questions about why your dog sits on you, this article will seek to answer them all. You’ll certainly understand your dog a lot better by the time you’re done reading!

Why Does My Dog Sit on Me and Lick Me?

It’s not just that your dog sits on you, although that happens a lot too. Your dog also licks you while sitting on your lap. Why is that?

Well, dogs lick for several reasons. 

For one, it’s a good way to taste things. Dogs that enjoy the taste of salt will find licking people rather tasty, especially when we have a small amount of sweat on our skin.

Second, the act of your dog sitting on you and licking you is known to releases endorphins. The chemical release of endorphins in your dogs brain cause your dog to experience a sense of happiness, which may explain why some dogs lick to excess.

So, knowing all that, let’s put it together. Per the intro, you already know that a dog will sit on your lap as a sign of affection.

Licking isn’t always done exclusively to taste where you’ve been, but also to groom you and as a way for a dog to show you how much it loves you.

Thus, when your dog sits on you and licks you, that’s double the affection. Clearly, you’ve treated your canine companion very well to have earned yourself this royal treatment! 

Why Does My Dog Sit on My Head?

Sometimes you’ll be lying down on the couch after a long day or you’re in bed relaxing. Your dog hops up with you and sits right on your head. What gives?

Let’s investigate the reasons your dog may sit on your head now.

Needs Something

When your dog sits on your lap, you can just write that off as your pup being sweet and cuddly. However, when the animal makes it a point to sit on your head, that’s harder to ignore.

It could be that that’s exactly what your dog wants. Your pup is trying to get your attention, usually because there’s something they need.

Perhaps your dog has to use the bathroom urgently and is sitting on your head as a way to let you know. 

Maybe your four-legged friend is feeling extra hungry this morning and wants an early breakfast. 

Before you assume your dog is sitting on your head for no real reason, mentally go through their routine and recall if there’s something you might have forgotten to do.   

Wants to Snuggle

If you’re positive that your dog’s bowl is full and their bladder is empty, then there are more reasons still why your pup might sit on your head.

For example, it could just be that your dog wants to cozy up to their favorite person, which is you. 

Although to you, your dog sitting on your head might not be the most comfortable thing, to them, it’s great!

Obviously, if you have a larger dog, you won’t be able to maintain this kind of behavior. If you don’t mind your smaller dog sitting on your head though, then bask in these moments! 

Feels Bored

Not all pet owners realize this, but dogs can experience boredom.

When you two play together, you must mentally stimulate your dog as well as physically. 

Treat toys and agility courses are two of my favorite ways to get a dog’s mental gears turning, but whatever works for you is fine!

Your dog sitting on your head doesn’t exclusively mean boredom, but if your pup seems otherwise listless, then the behavior is worth paying attention to.

After all, a bored dog can quickly become a destructive dog, tearing up your house when you’re at work! 

Why Does My Dog Sit on Me While I Sleep?

You’re in bed snoozing when you feel the familiar weight of your dog on the bed. Then there’s their warmth on you. 

Your dog has made it a habit of sitting on you or beside you while you sleep every night now for a while. Why?

Here are some reasons.

For Love

A dog who cuddles up with you every night while you sleep loves you quite dearly. You should be glad to have this unconditional bond between you two. 

To Protect You

Even the smallest dog is going to feel the urge to keep its favorite people safe. By sleeping in bed beside you or lying at the foot of the bed, your dog can keep a close watch over you. 

They’re Cold

Are you lying under three blankets right now? Even though your dog wears a permanent fur coat, that doesn’t mean your canine is impervious to the cold. 

If it’s an especially freezing night and your dog is in bed with you, your pup is eager for some warmth. Snuggle up a little closer to generate body heat! 

Provides Security 

No matter the size of the dog, no canine is entirely fearless. 

When your pup feels anxious, sitting beside you or on you in bed provides the animal with a great sense of security. 

Why Does My Dog Sit Next to Me on the Toilet?

Every time your dog does their business, you’re out there. That’s not because you want to be, but because you’re taking your dog on a walk. 

Lately, your dog is returning the favor. When you’re in the bathroom on the toilet, your favorite four-legged friend bursts into the room and sits down at your feet.

It’s enough to make you uncomfortable for sure, but it’s usually nothing to panic over. Your dog’s pack mentality is coming out in full force here. 

You’re perceived as one of the pack, so your dog wants to know where you are and what you’re doing. 

Now, if your pup is also displaying signs of separation anxiety such as pacing, chewing, barking, and indoor accidents when they usually have none, then your dog sitting next to you on the toilet could be indicative of a bigger issue. 

Why Does My Dog Sit on My Lap Facing Away?

You’ve noticed something lately when your dog sits on your lap. Your pup isn’t facing you, but rather, sits away.

Is it that your dog doesn’t want to make eye contact? What’s happening here?

Although it might seem like a negative thing when your dog sits on your lap but doesn’t look at you, it’s actually the opposite!

This sitting position is a sign of trust.

For one, your dog is making itself vulnerable to you by turning its body away from you. Dogs use their heads and paws to attack, and neither is in a convenient location to do that. 

The fact that your dog’s ferocious teeth are facing opposite you is supposed to put you at ease as well.  

Why Does My Dog Sit on Me When He Hears a Noise? 

Your pup isn’t much of a lap sitter…until there’s a loud sound like the doorbell, a car backfiring, someone’s booming stereo as they drive down the street, or thunder.

Then your dog is in your lap like there’s no tomorrow. 

You may also notice that your canine companion is attached to you like Velcro when you go to the vet, right? Or when you try to venture out anywhere else that makes your pup uncomfortable. 

Your dog sitting on you when they hear startling noises is a clear sign that your dog is experiencing anxiety. 

Socializing your dog might help them realize that every loud sound does not have to put the pet into a panic. You can also use a calming coat, music therapy, or massage to relax your dog. 

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